I'm Bill Hicks and I'm dead now.
Beliefs are neat. Cherish them, but don’t share them like they’re the truth
Bill Hicks
That all-terrain Popemobile with the three feet of bulletproof plexiglass around him. Boy, there’s faith in action!
Bill Hicks
They believe the bible is the exact word of god, then they try to change the bible, pretty presumptuous huh? “I think what god meant to say…” I’ve never been that confident. They actually have a new version of the bible out called ‘the new living bible’ and it’s updated version in modern English I guess so i’s easier to understand, but it’s really weird when you listen it “and Jesus walked on water and Peter said “awesome” suddenly we git Jesus hanging ten across the sea of Galilee, Christ’s bogus adventure, you know? Deuteronomy 90210 it’s such a weird belief.
Bill Hicks.
Your mind completely opens up to the true nature of our existence, which is that we are not bodies, that we are pure loving spirit created by God, that God is love, and there is nothing but love, and love, being all encompassing, has no opposite. You are completely forgiven on all things, and there is nothing you’ve ever done that has ever swayed God’s pure and unconditional love for you and you realize that eternity, and peace, and heaven is our inheritance and all of us are going to make it there.
Bill Hicks talking about his experience with shrooms.